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I first came to Heather for extreme pain in my left leg that had been nagging me for several years. I tried physical therapy but got little improvement. After a couple of sessions, I had considerable relief and after 8 months nearly pain free for up to three weeks at a time. My emotional health has improved tremendously; I have increased energy, improved sleep, feeling less stressed. Plus my leg doesn’t hurt anymore! Acupuncture has given me an appreciation for non-western medicine. Heather is an extremely gifted practitioner. She tailors her craft to the need at hand (no pun intended)! For example, last month I started having extremely excruciating pain on the right side of my back. This pain was so severe, that it kept me up until the early morning hours when sheer exhaustion forced me to sleep. When I awoke, the pain was there as before. After an intense visit in which Heather must have used an extremely long and strategically positioned needle under my scapula, the pain disappeared and has not returned. She is truly amazing. It is my pleasure to recommend Heather Conway to you.
– J. B., Financial Adviser
I had been suffering from low back pain and sciatica from a car accident. I had been getting lumbar injections and taking pain medications but they provided only limited relief. My last resort was surgery so my physical therapist suggested trying acupuncture. After the first treatment, I noticed a difference much less pain. I could sit longer at work, put my shoes on without pain and had increased energy. Most of all, I could stop taking my pain medications on a daily basis and be pain free.
– T. R., Office Administrator
I was having horrible hot flashes. They were uncomfortable and happening with extreme frequency, almost every half hour or so. They were also waking me up at night, which caused me to feel exhausted all day. I expected both of my doctors to say that they recommended some type of hormone therapy which I had no interest doing. After the first session I went for a half day without any hot flashes and even when they started back up they were much less frequent. After the second session they had all but vanished. The third session was the icing on the cake. At most, I will get one a day. If I get any more than that, they aren’t noticeable. It has been a huge relief! I’m still relatively hot flash free. Now I just go in every 3 months or so for maintenance when they start up again. I can’t explain how I just know that it works. I didn’t want to take hormones or medications and I’m not very good at remembering to take them anyway. This was a very natural form of treatment and I loved that I didn’t have to put anything in my body that didn’t really belong there. Thanks Heather for giving me such a wonderful experience.
– S. B., IT consultant
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